Project description


All lights on Teenage Girl!
Call Out is the common title for a art project that highlights the teenage girl and gives her the chance to introduce her self at her own terms. 2010 artist group Ropa started to collect diaries from a whole century, written by teenage girls around Sweden. Hundreds of contributions of motley pages added and put together as one. – Dagboken 1904 – 2012 författad av Tonårstjejen (The Diary of Teenage Girl 1904-2012 ), released in 115 unique hand-bounded copies. In one way it is a archive over the teenage girl through a century. Pages of both the everyday life and the magnificent. Words about disappointment, doubt, love, sex, identity and the transformation from being a girl into a young woman.

During 2010 – 2012 Ropa implemented workshops, performances, events and exhibitions all based upon the Teenage girl, where her private thoughts and words met the public.

Call Out by Ropa: Daniela Auerbach, Lovisa Henoch and Mikaela Krestesen.
With generous support from:

kulturforvaltningen konstnarsnamnden