Night of the Predators

A Swedish documentary film about the collective fear that destroyed Halloween.

The National Sex Offender Registry is a public database with name, address and picture of all convicted sex offenders in USA. It was instituted to provide safety for parents. Instead, it has led to an increased fear of pedophiles. Now it’s Halloween night and families don’t dare to go out. The small community of Anderson has a radical solution to the problem – the sex offenders are to be locked away in the town´s old auditorium on Halloween night.

In the film Night of the predators, documentary maker Magnus Arvidson and Mikaela Krestesen examine the consequences of a public sex offender registry. They follow a different kind of Halloween in the small town Andersson, South Carolina, USA and meet worried parents, the special Halloween police force, scared children and the convicted sex offender Kelly Piercy who, trapped by all the restrictions, is about to leave the country in an old sailing boat. Night of the predators is a Filt production in co-production with SVT that premiered in Sweden November 2012.